Early in the month, version 4.9.3 of WordPress was released, including a number of important bug fixes. Unfortunately it introduced a bug that prevented many sites from automatically updating to future releases. To remedy this issue, version 4.9.4 was released the following day requiring many people to manually update their sites.

While this kind of issue is always regrettable, the good thing is that it was fixed quickly, and that not all sites had updated to 4.9.3 yet, which meant they bypassed the bug in that version.

If you have an old version of Worpress, we can help to upgrade to the latest release. Not updating your WordPress makes your site vulnerable and difficult to maintain. Contact us here now and we will advise you better.

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Use https://github.com/johnpbloch/wordpress

This takes any manual work out of wordpress updates

MARTIN FLEMING March 31, 2018

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